Sunday, October 7, 2007

What does Clemson mean to you?

The past few weeks I have been thinking about what Clemson means to me. I take a lot of pride in my school and am very proud to say that I am a Clemson tiger. When I accepted to attend Clemson, I not only committed to a school, but also to a family. Being a part of the Clemson Tradition and the Clemson Family is further more than I expected out of a college experience.

Clemson excels in academics, athletics, and the mission of being one student body. I am very proud to tell anyone that I am a Clemson student. I obviously love my school and want the best for it. I believe in giving back to what has been given to me. I encourage every Clemson student and alumni to be a member of IPTAY, the Clemson Fund, and the Student Alumni Association. If someone can not be a member of all three, at least start out with one. All three of theses help make ones’ time a Clemson memorable. I am a personally a member of all three. I want to give back to the academics of Clemson (Clemson Fund), the athletics of Clemson ( IPTAY) and the support network that holds the university together (SAA). Many fans that did not even attend Clemson give money to IPTAY because IPTAY is what funds scholarships money for student - athletes together and allow sporting events to even occur. It’s also the fans that help make Clemson the family it is today.

When I think of the word ‘CLEMSON’, I think of many things. I think of Solid Orange, tiger Pride, the tiger, Howard’s Rock, the hill, football games, purple, an academic of excellence, and the library bridge. Theses are some of many things that come to mind.

What do you think of when you see the word CLEMSON? What does Clemson mean to you?

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