Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Group

My group’s name is Rethink Yo Style. It consists of five people. We have two architecture majors, one marketing major, one management major, and one finance major. As you can see, our group is very well rounded. As a group we decided that it would be most beneficial to divide all of our assignments up into individual task according to our majors. Each member would work on their individual part separately. At the next week’s meeting, we would collaborate together what each of us had done. Some individual work may have needed more help that others, but our group had no problem with offering to help each other out. We got every task done together as a group. In fact we met one week as a part of our weekly meeting at Jessica’s house for a cookout and to work on our proposal. Not only did we get a lot of the proposal done, we learned more about each other. I can say that our group is very close and we would want to work together again. I really like my group!

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